Love Me cast share their favourite TV moment of the year

The cast of 'Love Me' reveal their favourite TV moment of the year at the TV WEEK Logie Awards.

Video transcript

- How does it feel being here at the Logies? Logies are back after two years.

- It's weird, isn't it? There's a lot of people here tonight. It's a bit of congestion in traffic, but no. We're all happy that we're here. Yeah, definitely. Yeah.

- Are there any expectations in there tonight? Like, I'm sure this isn't your first Logies. Right?

- It is.

- All first?

- This is my eighth now.

- Eighth?

- Yeah.

- OK.

- Yeah. I know it's bigger than it usually is, but no.

- It's a bit intense.

- It's a bit intense. It's a bit intense, but, you know, we're just happy to be here. Aren't we?

- Um, are we? No. I'm very happy to be here, and I think it's very, very exciting. And I have very high expectations for Will to win and for Heather to win, but particularly for Will.

And if you're going live, you have to still keep voting because he's up for most popular.

- Yes.

- And those votes still count, and for me.

- --voting.

- But the thing is that Deb Mailman's going to win my award, according to my dad. So don't bother voting for me. Just vote for her so my dad's right, like always.

- Have you all prepared speeches, though, or what's the expectation?

- Will--

- I've got a--

- I have [INAUDIBLE].

- --5,000 word document--

- [INAUDIBLE] monologue.

- --that I'm going to be doing


- I think-- yeah. They're going to be doing an extended edition because it's going to take so long for me to read it out. But--

- I'm doing the backing vocals.

- Yeah, she's doing the backing vocals. So, yeah.


- Yeah.

- Good.

- Yeah.

- Big question, but we're celebrating Australian TV tonight. Has there been a favorite TV moment for you guys for the past year?

- Working on "Love Me."

- Working on "Love Me." The sex scene between Heather and Hugo. [LAUGHS]

- How many times have you watched it?

- He said has there been a favorite television moment.

- Oh, OK.

- And I said that's my favorite moment because I think it's imperative and incredible to watch people in their 60s--

- Old people.

- --being sexual. No, I didn't say old people. I'm nearly there, Heather.


- I'm nearly there. I can also talk about--

- She likes to watch old people having sex.

- Oh, my god!

- Put that down.

- I was trying to be genuine.

- That's a headline.

- OK. Then my favorite moment was when Mitzi threw the poop at Will.

- Yeah.

- Oh, yeah. That was good.

- When people throw shit at me, that's mainly their favorite part of all time.

- Amazing.

- Amazing. I know. Isn't it? It's amazing.

- Honestly, my favorite moment was the gold Logies speech two years ago. Let's be fair.

- Yeah, yeah. Well, we'll see who wins tonight, but best of luck with all your nominations. So lovely to meet you all, and just have a great night.

- Thank you.

- Enjoy.

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