Marlon Wayans Proved His LGBTQ+ Allyship With An Iconic Photoshoot, And Now He's Defending It Against "HATE MONGERS"

Marlon Wayans is a comedy icon and a seriously awesome dad.

Marlon Wayans poses in a casual suit jacket and white shirt in front of a SiriusXM backdrop
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In November, he opened up about being the father of a trans son, his eldest child Kai, while appearing on The Breakfast Club.

Marlon Wayans stands in front of a "Golden Globes" backdrop, wearing a dark suit
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He's continued to publicly discuss his experience parenting a trans child, opening up to People last month about learning of Kai's trans identity. "It took me all of a week, and in that week, I grew the most that I ever did in my life. You understand the purpose of kids and the beauty of unconditional love. At the end of the day, in my heart, only thing that matters to me is that my child is happy," he said.

Marlon Wayans, in a denim jacket and black cap, poses with hand gestures at a Moxy + AC Hotel event in Los Angeles
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Being the parent of a trans son is among the topics Marlon discusses in his new Prime Video standup special, Good Grief, which dropped on June 4. And Marlon's latest show of support for his son and the LGBTQ+ community was doing a Pride photoshoot that he shared on Instagram on Friday.

Marlon Wayans wearing a formal light-colored suit at a Bravo TV event, in front of a backdrop with the text "Watch What Happens LIVE with Andy Cohen."
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"Happy PRIDE to all my LGBTQ+ peoples," he captioned the first photo, which featured him shirtless with a Pride flag tossed over his shoulder. "P.S. I'm STRAIGHT… well, according to my child CISGENDER male. I just love and support my peoples," he continued, also tagging the photographer Parrish Lewis and designer of his sneaker laces Ruby and plugging his special.

Marlon Wayans posing in a light-colored suit and white shirt, making a peace sign with his right hand
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Marlon followed this up with two additional posts featuring more photos from the shoot. Like the first photo, the following two featured Marlon wearing various Pride accessories, including a bucket hat and buttons. Notably, both follow-up posts were directed at critics of his first post.

Marlon Wayans poses in a black leather jacket and white shirt at a SiriusXM event backdrop
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"Yeah and just for the HATE MONGERS … I'm posting ANOTHER," he wrote on the second post. "As a father of a child in the LGBTQ+ community I show my support. Zero fucks what people think. If i lost you… GOOD! Your hateful ass never loved me in the first place. How can you love anyone when you're too busy judging. Some of y'all funny. I'm a troll. I'll post all day."

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"HAPPY PRIDE to all my friends, fam, fans and loved ones. I am happy you're happy… period," he continued on the second post.

Marlon Wayans stands on the red carpet for the "Air" premiere, wearing a navy double-breasted suit with a white shirt underneath
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For his third and most recent post, Marlon wrote, "You mad?! I can do this shit ALL DAY... but instead I think I'll do it ALL MONTH. HAPPY PRIDE. Love and Laughter will always drown hate."

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Now that's allyship in action! You can view his posts here, here, and here.