‘Looks like I’ve opened myself up to being called an idiot...’

Dundee talking point graphic
Dundee talking point graphic

Daniel Smith, Up Wi' The Bonnets podcast

It’s normal for fans of Scottish clubs to welcome the return of club football following the international break but love it or hate it, the vast majority of us will be a bit sad considering the run Scotland are on at the moment.

I also will be sad because after the feelgood factor surrounding football in this fine, beautiful country, Dundee are due to visit Parkhead to take on league champions Celtic.

If I say we can go there and grab a win and then see us on the receiving end of a hiding, I’m called an idiot. If I say we have no chance and hopefully we can keep the scoreline down to a respectful one, I’ll no doubt be labelled a defeatist and not a real fan.

It will be tough though. We have certainly improved since the last time we were in this league and now have better players and a better manager. This one thankfully doesn’t go on about starving himself or going starkers like a certain Mark McGhee did.

These types of games won’t define our season, nor will we look at results at Parkhead as a make or break for the Dee. We know what games and opponents we will be saying “what ifs” about down the line.

Visiting Glasgow, giving a good account of ourselves and performance against the best team in Scotland would be a big step forward for this side.

We might even nick a point, which most would not expect us to. Damn, it looks like I’ve opened myself up to being called an idiot. Ach well. Mon the Dee!