Looking For Meal Prep Inspiration? Try This Texas Roadhouse Hack

Texas Roadhouse dishes in containers
Texas Roadhouse dishes in containers - Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty

Even when you know the benefits of meal prep, getting it done can sometimes feel cumbersome and boring. And the risk of screwing it up when you're not feeling it can lead even the most well-intentioned among us to skip the process and order expensive takeout instead. A few thrifty do-gooders have been insisting there's a better way, however, by combining the best of both worlds and use Texas Roadhouse takeout to put several meals together.

Tiktokkers have turned the restaurant's Family Value Meal Pack into a smart hack to save time and coin for those weeks you can't be bothered to go to the store, stock up on supplies, and do all the washing, cutting, cooking, and partitioning that food prep requires. Practitioners of this food prep strategy are fierce advocates, explaining that rolling up to the restaurant is certainly less hassle than planning out meals for the week. No shopping, chopping, or cooking is required, and you'll have deliciously cooked dishes that you can portion out and munch on for several days.

And while live-alone singles may not have looked at the family pack section with any interest before, it's a great way to set up healthy lunches for the week. Just keep in mind that locations may have different menus with varying pricing, so you'll need to see what's available at the Texas Roadhouse nearest to you if you plan to bring exact change.

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Giddy-Up With This Easy Meal Strategy

dishes in containers
dishes in containers - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

When ordering one of these food packs, you'll choose either grilled chicken, fried chicken critters (tenders), or strip steaks, a house or Caesar salad, and two sides like buttered corn, mashed potatoes, fries, seasoned rice, or green beans. The salads are anything but wimpy, coming in a hefty 9 x 13" aluminum tray and are covered in eggs, croutons, shredded cheese, and cherry tomatoes. If you don't need to watch your budget, you can shell out extra for broccoli, shrimp, or ribs. The price of the pack depends on your protein, but they start at a cool $30, and are enough to feed four.

Divide up the dishes into sealable containers, and you'll have several days of meals to nibble on without any cooking on your part. You can also use these ingredients as a base to build other meals. The salad can double up as filling for sandwiches, and the restaurant's cinnamon honey butter can be slathered onto a roll and served with eggs in the morning. Slice chicken breasts to add them to plates of pasta and portion out combinations of ingredients to take to the office. If you ask nicely, the Roadhouse may even send you home with peanuts you can sprinkle onto your floor.

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