Look To Broccoli For A Unique, Vegetarian Steak Experience

seasoned broccoli steaks
seasoned broccoli steaks - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

So many restaurants today feature cauliflower as a vegetarian entree. It's often presented as a steak that has been seared or roasted. But where is the love for delicious fresh broccoli? Broccoli is also a member of the Brassicaceae family and it's considered a cabbage. On the nutritional front, it packs even more of a punch than cauliflower with more vitamin C.

Broccoli is a great vegetable to prepare like it's a steak. All the steps you need to follow to make a great steak work for this green beauty, too, so get that cast iron pan nice and hot before putting your broccoli in. Coat your vegetable slices in oil before they hit the pan, and cook them until you get a nice sear on each broccoli steak. You want to get some caramelization on the broccoli to boost the earthy flavor. Roasting the broccoli steaks in the oven is another way to get some char on them as well. Just make sure to heat up the sheet pan first before adding the broccoli.

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Many Ways To Season Your Broccoli Steaks

Person cutting broccoli
Person cutting broccoli - Alvarez/Getty Images

There are so many different ways to season your broccoli steaks. It's one of those vegetables that pairs well with flavors from a range of cuisines, from Italian to Mexican. A simple sauce made from tomatoes and onions roasted in olive oil makes a great accompaniment. And you can customize it to suit your tastes: Add garlic, oregano, or basil, if you like. Broccoli stands up well to spice and heat so try it with a tomatillo salsa or toss it in a garlic-chili paste and soy vinaigrette. You could also try a steakhouse classic by serving your broccoli steak with a green peppercorn sauce made in the pan you used to cook the broccoli.

Once you've lined up a great sauce, your broccoli will need a side dish. What goes better with steak than potatoes? You can't go wrong with mashed potatoes, potato gratin, or scalloped potatoes. Other starches, such as pasta and rice, would also work well.

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