Longmire slams score review system as not good enough


John Longmire has given a blunt assessment of the controversial AFL score review system, saying it is "clearly not" good enough.

The Sydney coach is well-qualified to comment, having been on either side of pivotal scoring moments in the last few weeks.

Last month, the AFL apologised after an Adelaide goal was disallowed against Sydney when replays showed the ball did not hit the post.

Sydney won the game by one point and it killed the Crows' finals chances.

Adelaide fans will undoubtedly talk of karma after two Sydney goals were denied on review in the Swans' 11.8 (74) to 9.14 (68) elimination final loss to Carlton on Friday.

Blues wingman Blake Acres made a desperate lunge in the goal square during the third term and again in the last.

The final verdict was that Acres had managed to touch the ball before it went through in the two incidents - although footage of the second score was not clear.

"When I'm on the bench, you don't get to see replays like you guys in the media," Longmire said post-match.

"I didn't know ... I still haven't seen it."

Longmire was then asked if the score review system was good enough and he replied: "Clearly not".

He also ruefully noted Sydney's contrasting score review fortunes when he hoped for changes to the system.

"We've been on both sides of the fence, haven't we?" he said.

"We spend a fair bit trying to get things right at club land."

Longmire again referred to score review when asked if the player substitute rules needed updating.

Nick Blakey had to leave the ground because of the high hit from Jack Martin in the first term and then returned to the game.

But while Blakey was being assessed for concussion, it left the Swans one player short on the bench.

Longmire wants the ability for the sub to be activated and then taken out of the game again if the original player returns to the field.

"That's a common-sense way of dealing with it. That's part of the evolution of the game," he said.

"I understand why it's not there yet. We've come a long way. It could be looked at over summer - that and goal review."