The Lonely Planet guide books are coming to life

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

If, like many people, you live and breathe by the Lonely Planet guide books when you travel abroad, this news will be like music to your ears. 

The world’s number one travel guidebook brand has teamed up with adventure operator Intrepid Travel to bring us Lonely Planet Experiences - over 300 group tours across 65 countries, ranging from two hours to 22 days. 

In an effort to meet the growing demand for sustainable tours, the trips will be 100% carbon-neutral, will be led by a local leader and will use public transport and support locally-owned businesses. 

The Lonely Planet and Intrepid Travel have teamed up. Photo: Supplied
Travellers can now book into a Lonely Planet Experiences. Photo: Getty Images

The new tours will also only feature a maximum of 16 travellers, which is great for those solo globetrotters looking to meet new people. 

According to a recent Intrepid Travel survey, a whopping 85 percent of Aussies said they regularly experience loneliness and that grows to 95 percent when you just look at 18-25 year-olds. 

Lonely Planet Experiences will run across 6 continents and range from two hours to 22 days. Photo: Supplied

It comes after the Campaign to End Loneliness claimed last month that “loneliness is an epidemic”. 

The tours will no doubt be hoping to contribute to being antidote for combating loneliness, as well as drawing in Gen Z conscious travellers with the sustainable tours. 

In October, Lonely Planet revealed the top ten countries to visit in 2020, which will no doubt get people’s wanderlust senses tingling.

Top 10 countries to visit in 2020:

  1. Bhutan

  2. England

  3. North Macedonia

  4. Aruba

  5. eSwatini

  6. Costa Rica

  7. The Netherlands

  8. Liberia

  9. Morocco

  10. Uruguay

They also announced the best places for jet-setters to visit in the Asia-Pacific area.

Top 10 Asia-Pacific destinations to visit in 2020:

  1. Margaret River & Southern WA, Australia

  2. Shikoku, Japan

  3. Bay of Islands & Northland, New Zealand

  4. Singapore

  5. The Cook Islands

  6. Central Vietnam

  7. Fiji

  8. Palawan, Philippines

  9. Beijing, China

  10. Cambodia

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