Lodge Has 4 New Products at Walmart (And They’re Edible!)

The cast iron experts go where they've never gone before.



As if we couldn’t love Lodge more, the brand that makes many of our favorite cast iron products—from Dutch ovens perfect for making stew to deep dish skillets for fried chicken to the Dolly Parton line that we’re coveting—now has baking mixes made specifically for its cast iron skillets.

The versatile pans cook up great pizza, pies, casseroles, pork chops, and even whole chickens, but one of our absolute favorite things to cook up in a cast iron skillet is cornbread. Switching from a baking dish to a skillet takes no effort at all, and it makes a big difference. When baked in a cast iron pan, the top gets golden and caramelized, and the edges get even crispier.

Any cornbread works in a cast iron skillet whether you make the batter from scratch—such as this popular Golden Sweet Cornbread—or buy a mix, such as the pantry staple box of Jiffy or Dolly’s Sweet Cornbread.

Lodge’s Skillet Cornbread Baking Mixes



Now, Lodge has its own line of cornbread mixes that are meant to bake up beautifully in one of its skillets (but it’s okay if you use a different brand, too). The four varieties are mixed with eggs, butter, buttermilk, milk, or canola oil, depending on which variety you choose.

  • True Southern: Described as buttery and savory, this mix is a quintessential Southern cornbread, not too sweet and perfect with a big pat of butter.

  • Sweet Spot: Described as sweet and fluffy, this sweeter variety of cornbread is great as a side for barbecue chicken.

  • Sweet As Honey: Described as sweet and golden, this cornbread gets some sweetness from honey and is even better with honey drizzled on top when serving.

  • Hotshot Jalapeño: Described as bright and spicy, there’s a kick of heat and jalapeño in the mix. You can add your own Cheddar to create a classic side for chili or soup.

These mixes—that all go into a 10-inch cast iron skillet—are available on Lodge’s website, Amazon, or Walmart and are worth keeping in your pantry. Cornbread is a perfect side dish all year round and also makes a great snack.

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