Model marries her dog on morning TV

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Elizabeth Hoad wed her dog Logan in a bizarre live broadcast ceremony. Photo: Itv

Many women run into some serious dating fatigue at some point or another.

Dozens of dates, hours of small talk, and hundreds of dollars spent can be exhausting even to contemplate, when many would honestly rather just stay at home with their beloved dogs for company.

Well, one woman has taken that thought and run all the way to the aisle with it.

Model Elizabeth Hoad shocked British audiences this week with a live ‘wedding’ to her best friend - Logan the golden retriever - on UK breakfast program This Morning.

The 49-year-old revealed her plan to commit to life with Logan following a spotted dating history which encompassed four doomed engagements and over 220 dates, in an earlier segment.

The ceremony took place at the end of the show, and was more than encouraged by the show’s members who made the whole thing run as smoothly as a canine-human wedding could be expected.

Presenter Alison Hammond officiated, and almost kept a straight face until she had to read out the dog-themed vows.

"If any persons here present has a bone of contention, as to why they may not be joined together, I will now paws to let them speak, bark now or forever hold their peace,” she managed to say between fits of giggles.

The ceremony included several famous British faces from the popular morning show. Photo: Itv

A sparkly bracelet made a paw-friendly ring, and former Love Island contestant Kem Cetinay was best man.

The blushing bride was walked down the aisle by host, Eamonn Holmes, and wore a white dress complimented with a truly enormous fascinator that tied the bridal-chic look together.

The groom tried escaping a number of times, but was eventually persuaded to seal the deal with a lick to the face that qualified as the first married kiss.

Vows included the commitment to daily walks, an open door policy on the treats cupboard and a contract spanning the dog’s earthly life.

Host Eamonn Holmes walked Elizabeth and her fascinator down the aisle. Photo: Itv

Scandal online

Predictably, the wedding did not go over well with all demographics.

A rattling was heard around the globe as viewers instinctively clutched at their pearls, before taking their outrage to the Twitterverse.

“I’m not British, I don’t know the laws... this isn’t legal right?” one horrified viewer asked.

“Super sad and creepy,” another mused.

“What is the world coming to??” another asked.

Of course the ‘celebrant’ (Alison) did specify that the two committed to be ‘pedigree chums’ rather than ‘husband and wife’ so it seems safe to say no laws are being violated.

Looks like they’re now stuck together - for richer, or for paw-er.

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