Lisa Kudrow Clarified Jennifer Aniston’s Comments About Her Hating Live Audiences at ‘Friends’

Her co-star previously said she "hated" when they laughed.

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They say there's three sides to the truth, and Lisa Kudrow is sharing hers. The Friends star just set the record straight about something her pal and co-star previously shared. Jennifer Aniston recently ratted out Kudrow for hating the live audience's laughs at tapings of their hit show, but Kudrow is clarifying her longtime friend's claims. She was particular about the crowd's chuckles, but she didn't hate the laughs in general.

"No, that's not exactly—no, no. It irritated me if they would laugh for too long," she explained in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight. "God bless them. They were so excited to be there that sometimes the laughter would just be longer than if they would have laughed at anything else. I was like, 'All right, well, take it easy. It’s not that funny. And there's more to say!'"

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Aniston recalled Kudrow's gripe with the audience while speaking with Quinta Brunson forVariety's Actors on Actors series.

"Lisa Kudrow, by the way, hated when the audience laughed," Aniston said. "She'd be like, 'I'm not done! It's not that funny!'"

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Kudrow has previously been open about some of the pressures that came along with starring in the über-popular sitcom, which turns 30 later this year. During a 2022 appearance on "Podcrushed," Kudrow admitted to feeling insecure and comparing her body to those of her real-life friends and co-stars, Aniston and Courteney Cox.

"I was confident. It wasn't until Friends that I realized, 'Oh, I don't look like I thought I looked,'" she said at the time. "And that's what was so jarring, and that's when it was like, oh, I've got to actually lose weight? I have to diet? Shoot."

She added that she thought of herself as "really skinny" until seeing herself "in clothes and seeing Courteney and Jennifer in clothes."

"At first I thought, 'Oh, 'cause they know, like, tailoring, so they can discuss it with the costume designer about where, exactly, to take something in,'" she continued before sharing that Aniston and Cox later joined her on fittings. "That's when I would see, 'Oh, okay, it's not just about tailoring.' You know? I'm not trying to say I was overweight, either. I just had no idea the shape of my actual body."

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