Lion King releases first glimpse of 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight'

The Lion King has released Beyonce and Donald Glover's can you feel the love tonight. Photo: Disney

Fans are ecstatic after The Lion King dropped a brand new TV teaser featuring one of the movie’s most iconic songs.

In the trailer, vocal leads Beyonce and Donald Glover give us a sneak peek of their rendition of Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

It’s the first time people are hearing Beyonce and Glover’s version of the song — and the internet is freaking out.

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their excitement and anticipation ahead of the film’s July release.

The new version is a take on Elton John’s original tune for the 1994 animation.

A new CGI version, of the 1994 original Donald voices Simba, while Beyonce brings Nala to life.

A new look

Director Jon Favreau, who was also behind The Jungle Book reboot has said his take on the Disney classic hopes to recreate the magic of the iconic animation, while debuting a more life-like embodiment of the African plains.

The star power driving the new film includes the leading voices as well as Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogan and John Oliver.

Die-hard fans will be elated to know the voice of Mufasa will be done by James Earl Jones who voiced the original Mufasa back in 1994.

One co-star at least is intimidated by Beyonce’s involvement in the film.

“I’m not looking forward to the press for this movie because you’re just gonna be on the carpet, and they’re just gonna go ‘So Lion King… Beyonce! So Beyonce’s in it!,’” Keegan-Michael said recently.

Big shoes to fill

The film follows in its predecessors steps.

The original film boasted Matthew Broderick as Simba, Moira Kelly as Nala and Jeremy Irons as Scar, and was its year’s second highest grossing film.

The story was later translated to a Broadway musical directed by Julie Taymor. The musical debuted in 1997 and continues to run in New York and around the world in various other road productions.

The first trailer for The Lion King, which debuted Thanksgiving weekend in 2018, was viewed some 225 million times in the first 24 hours of its release.

The Lion King debuts on July 19th, the 25th anniversary of the original film.

With additional reporting by Eric Althoff

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