Lindsay Lohan Spotted With Aussie Brett Tucker

Lindsay Lohan leaves Paris Hilton's party in the arms of Australian actor, Brett Tucker.

She has been spotted in the company of at least two men in the last week. And last night Lindsay Lohan was the arm of yet another man as she left Paris Hilton's beach party in Malibu. The 25-year-old Mean Girls star emerged from the bash with, Brett. He’s known for his role as Veterinarian Dave on McLeod’s Daughter’s.

The two exited arm-in-arm, with Lindsay giggling coyly as she was snapped by the cameras. A notorious ladies man, 39-year-old Melbourne-born Tucker is 14 years Lohan's senior.


His Aussie roles include playing Daniel Fitzgerald on Neighbours, and since moving to Hollywood he has failed to make it big, merely scoring minor roles in CSI: NY and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, two episodes in cancelled ABC series, Off The Map, and a part in TV movie, Criminal Behaviour.

Reports are, Lindsay had a big weekend. The actress started her Saturday night out at her favourite haunt, Château Marmont for dinner. From there she attended the 25th birthday party for friend Michael Donegar at the Palihouse hotel in West Hollywood. According to Radaronline, Lindsay was again worse for wear by the end of the night.


"Lindsay looked great when she showed up at Palihouse, and ordered cranberry juice from the waitress," an insider told Radaronline.


"'I was like 'Who's that gorgeous girl,' and then I realised it was Lindsay. She was definitely sober when she showed up but as the night went on she got sloppier and sloppier."

Lindsay appeared to be friendly with yet another date, former Survivor Mexico contestant Oscar Lusth, with whom she arrived with.

Just last week, Lindsay claimed she was struggling to pay for court-ordered counselling during a routine probation hearing. Judge Stephanie Sautner demanded proof that the Mean Girls star was seeing a psychiatrist as required - however her lawyer Shaun Chapman Holley told her that she and her client had been unable to find one for financial reasons.

But the Judge suggested Lindsay get a loan.