Lindsay Hubbard Responds to Her Boyfriend's Identity Leaking Online

Lindsay Hubbard is currently expecting her first child, and while she's being open about her pregnancy journey (even providing a timeline to fans, see below👇), she's chosen to keep her new boyfriend out of the spotlight. Which, understandable! However, because the internet is the internet, his identity has been leaked online. And while this is a bummer, one nice thing? Bravo fan accounts have chosen not to reveal Lindsay's mystery man to their followers in order to respect her request for privacy.

As fan account @bravoandcocktails_ put it, "I'm aware Lindsay's boyfriends identity has been made public online. While we painted a picture of who he was we never reveal names, employment etc of private people. If and when she posts him on her public insta then it's fair game. Until then we don't post info."

Lindsay reposted this message with a note thanking the account and others like it, adding "This is not about us being proud of each other or not. He is so beyond proud to be my boyfriend and father of my child, and vice versa. We are very much in love and have a beautiful relationship. This is about his work, his privacy, and the fact that it is not his job to be public like me."

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Lindsay previously told E! News about her decision to keep her boyfriend private, saying "When we started dating, I really wanted to maintain our privacy for as long as possible. We needed to see how we felt about each other without the whole world chiming in with their opinions or judgements. The only thing that truly matters is how we feel about each other at the end of the day and I needed space and time to figure that out for myself."

The Summer House star added, "I've also learned from my past mistakes in being too public with every step of my relationship. And after my last relationship ended in such a humiliating and very public way, I'm not exactly dying to open my current relationship up to the world just yet. He's never seen Summer House and probably never will, and I love that about him. It's an even playing field with us."

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