Lily Rose Depp felt 'pretty intimidated' when she first met Karl Lagerfeld

Lily Rose Depp felt "pretty intimidated" when she first met Karl Lagerfeld.

The 17-year-old model - who modelled in Chanel's Spring/Summer 2017 Haute Couture catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday (24.01.17) - has admitted she was overcome with nerves when she first met the 83-year-old fashion designer, but has admitted he isn't as "scary" as people assume.

Speaking about her partnership with the creative mastermind, the catwalk icon said: "A lot of people will think that working with Karl is intimidating as he is such an icon and presence, and in a way I guess it is.

"I was pretty nervous in the beginning and pretty intimidated even though I've known him since I was eight years old. But I think once you get on set and you're actually there, working with him you realise, he's really not as scary and intimidating as everyone thinks he is. He's honestly just the nicest guy. And he's so smart and creative."

And the brunette beauty - who is the daughter of 53-year-old actor Johnny Depp and his former partner Vanessa Paridis, 44 - has admitted a collaboration with Karl is more of a partnership because he makes work "enjoyable" and "really comfortable".

She told "Working with him is a collaboration more than anything else. He wants to work with you, he wants to see what you bring to the table and you want to see what he brings to the table, so it's more of a partnership in that way which is what makes it's so enjoyable. He is the best person I've ever shot with.

"He makes you feel really comfortable. Once he gets what he wants and once he knows he's got the shot that he wants, you're done so it's not like you have to slave away all day for one photo because once he knows that he has got what he is looking for then you are done. That's what's so good about collaborating with him because you find that common ground, you know what works him and what works for you and it always ends up making something really amazing."