Lillo on Silva's contract, Guardiola contact and the signing of Doku

Juanma Lillo has been speaking to the media before Manchester City's Premier League game against Sheffield United on Sunday.

Here are the key lines from his news conference:

  • Lillo confirmed that Bernardo Silva has trained fully and he thinks he is "good to go" for this match.

  • On the Portugal international signing a new contract, he said: "Bernardo is that kind of player who, in order to look at his importance, you look at his past. His importance is plain to see at this club."

  • Asked about the impact Pep Guardiola is having despite being absent through back surgery, he said: "Everything. The contact is continuous, telephone, video call, everything. Contact continues, he is watching Sheffield [United] right now. What's important is his health. It doesn't keep him from being who he is. He's fully focussed on the match."

  • Discussing why the team is special and keeps on winning, he said: "A good team without good players is impossible to make. The moment you have good players and a really good coach, really well managed, training the way we train has a lot to do the way we play."

  • He added: "The stability that the club has and we can feel it. Feel that stability and the mixture does that. Obviously we continue doing things right, might not always go our way but we continue to do things the right way."

  • On whether he will have contact with Guardiola during the game he said: "Of course, Pep is always there."

  • He added: "Pep prefers to speak face to face to the players so that would be me dealing with it [in terms of a pre-match message]. The form and content is his work. We're not doing a video conference because he doesn't want that. He wants face to face [contact] and he's in the messages that are going to be relayed."

  • Asked what new signing Jeremy Doku can bring, he said: "That is the good thing this team has, the idea is to bring players who are better, not modify. The team will grow and he will improve us. The team is at a good level. He's a great player, you've seen him. He has specific qualities. He can help."

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