Genius $17 phone accessory an 'absolute lifesaver' if you drive an older car

This multi-functional charger goes above and beyond its two Android and iOS-compatible USB ports. (Photo: Getty Images)

We’re all for a multi-tasking product, especially when it comes to making life a lot easier.

Australia has strict laws that surround mobile phone usage while driving and if you drive and older car that doesn’t have any bluetooth or hands-free capabilities, you’ll have realised you’re much worse off than those with newer cars.

The law in most states allow motorists to use a phone when answering or ending calls, if the device is secured in a cradle. But earlier this year, the National Transport Commission (NTC) called for even tougher laws that would see drivers fined just for touching their phone.

Enter the Lihan Handsfree Call Car Charger available from Amazon for just $17. It’s so much more than just an Android and iOS-compatible USB charger.

It also boasts wireless Bluetooth compatibility so users can answer calls and play audio from their phone using FM frequency.

Most new cars come with all the latest tech features, including Bluetooth, but now, older models can put that cigarette lighter to good use with this affordable gadget.

Lihan Handsfree Call Car Charger. (Photo: Amazon)

Customers have been raving about the device online, with sales spiking 200 per cent recently.

It’s been dubbed everything from “a great buy” to an “absolute lifesaver”.

“Excellent solution, excellent price, excellent sound quality! Love this. Got one for myself and then got a few as gifts because I thought it was so great,” one 5-star reviewer wrote.

The easy-to-use car charger has a skip and rewind button on either side of a phone button that is used to answer to reject calls, eliminating the need for your mobile phone when you’re on the road.

There’s also a built-in microphone and the phone button doubles as a volume dial, which adds to the convenience factor without the need to upgrade your car altogether.

“Every one who has spent (wasted) money on these types of gadgets in the past knows of their frustrating limitations. I am happy to say somehow LIHAN has cracked the code on how to deliver a great performing piece of hardware, at a reasonable price,” another fan wrote.

“This product does what it is supposed to do. It is as if I now have a Bluetooth in my non-Bluetooth equipped car ... it does the job well, and at a great price.”

Words by Adrianna Barrionuevo.

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