A Lightweight, Foldable Travel Bag and More Clever Items

An alternative to flushable wipes, a heat-resistant hair tool mat, and a sleek portable projector



This week, I found the most convenient, packable travel bag (it slides over your suitcase handle and can fold down to almost nothing!), an alternative to not-so-eco-friendly flushable wipes, the best projector I've ever tested, an easier way to carry your Stanley tumbler on-the-go, and a few more super-smart products that will make your life easier and so much more streamlined.

A Flushable Wipe Alternative

<p>Photo by Pristine // Amazon</p>

Photo by Pristine // Amazon

This handy spray is a more eco-friendly alternative to flushable wipes. It is the equivalent of 50 wipes. You simply spray your toilet paper a few times, and you have a safe-for-the-environment wipe without polyester or plastics that don't break down or biodegrade. Choose from seven scents!

A Foldable Go-Anywhere Bag

<p>Photo by Bagsmart/Amazon</p>

Photo by Bagsmart/Amazon

This packable bag is great for travel (it has a sleeve on the back so you can slide it over your suitcase handle), packable (it's lightweight and folds down to a super tiny rectangle), and can also be used for trips to the gym, as a diaper bag, or for running errands. Plus, it's wrinkle-resistant, easy to store without taking up much space, and is super durable and tear-resistant.

A Sleek, Portable Projector

<p>Photo by Samsung</p>

Photo by Samsung

This easy-to-use, portable projector is one of the clearest, best-quality projectors I've tested. Unlike some others, this one doesn't need to be adjusted for a clear picture—you can put it in basically any position, and it automatically focuses. It also has a small footprint instead of something much larger and cumbersome, which makes setting it up or storing it a breeze. You can also use it as a gaming hub! It's perfect for movie night in the backyard during the warmer months or used as a replacement for a TV if you have a blank wall. It's also pre-programmed with streaming services, so you can just sign in and get to watchin'!

On-the-Go Dog Wipes

<p>Photo by Sweet Paws</p>

Photo by Sweet Paws

If your pup is always rolling around in the mud or getting their paws dirty on walks, this microfiber towel set is going to be your new BFF. Complete with a a carrying case that clips to their leash, the towels are not only machine-washable, the case is also dishwasher safe for easy clean up. No more muddy paws on your nice, clean rugs!

A Hands-Free Water Bottle Carrier

<p>Photo by Uncommon Goods</p>

Photo by Uncommon Goods

Not only does this handy, hands-free carrier hold your standard water bottle, but it also works with your Stanley (or other) tumblers. It has a pocket that holds keys, credit cards, and more so you don't have to bring another bag when you're running errands or headed to the gym.

A Heat-Resistant Hair Tool Mat

<p>Photo by Amazon</p>

Photo by Amazon

Worried about your hot hair tools burning your counter or floor? Enter: this heat-resistant mat that protects your surfaces from getting scorched. It comes in a ton of colors and also is double layered with an interior pocket so you can store your tools away even when they're still hot.

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