TikTok video 'leads to long-lost twins reuniting after 24 years'

Two twins who have been separated for 24 years claim they found each other after a neighbour recognised them on TikTok.

One of the twins, 24-year-old Trena Mustika, lives with her biological parents in West Java, Indonesia.

Trena didn't know she had a twin sister until her neighbour showed her a clip on video-sharing app TikTok, which featured a woman she mistook as the 24-year-old.

It turned out the woman in the TikTok video was not only a look-a-like, but was reportedly a long-lost twin sister.

“I have TikTok but the video wasn't from me. My neighbour also didn't know that the woman wasn't me, she just wanted to praise me for the great dance,” Trena said.

“I explained to her that it wasn't me. We looked so alike, I can understand how my neighbour thought it was me.”

Pictured left is Treni Mustika and right is her long-lost twin sister Treni Fitri Yana.
Treni Mustika (left) says her neighbour mistook a woman in a TikTok video for her. It turns out it was Treni's long-lost twin Trena (right). Source: Viral Press/Australscope

Trena showed the video to her father who admitted she had a twin sister who was separated from the family when they were both only two months old.

Her 59-year-old father, Enceng Dedi, said the twins were sickly so he could not take care of them at the same time back then.

His wife was also in hospital at that time which added to his burdens so he entrusted the other twin, Treni, to a neighbour who is also a family friend.

“When they were babies, they were sickly. Then I was given advice to separate the two, so I did that,” Enceng said.

Treni's foster family left town and moved to another place with her when the twins turned one and that's the last time his father saw her. They then lost contact.

Her name was changed to Treni Fitri Yana and she lived in East Java province, which made it hard for her biological father to locate her after several years until they saw her on TikTok.

Trena said she messaged Treni on the app and they had a conversation after more than two decades through a video call.

Their father apologised to the twins for keeping the separation a secret, but Trena said she was not angry at his decision.

“I am not mad at him at all because I know he has his reasons for doing that. I am just happy to know that I have a sister,” she said.

The twins and their families are planning to have an emotional reunion soon when their schedules permit it.

– Australscope

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