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The weight loss shake that helps with skin and hair health too: 'I have so much more confidence'

Women are getting great results in just 28 days.

A challenge can be a great way to shake things up - especially if you give yourself a realistic timeframe to achieve your goals.

When women from around Australia took part in the The Collagen Co's #ShakeAndGlowChallenge, they couldn't believe the all-round results they achieved; from weight loss to improved skin, hair, nail and gut health.

The women swapped one meal a day with a Glow Shake - and ended up with incredible results.

The Collagen Co's Glow Shakes
The Collagen Co's #ShakeAndGlowChallenge involved swapping one meal a day for a Glow Shake. Photo: Supplied

"My body, which is shrinking a lot around the tummy, is amazing, and it feels good that my clothes are loose," says one delighted customer who lost 12.6 kgs and 2 dress sizes in 28 days. "I have so much more confidence and control now moving forward. I can't wait to keep going strong with reaching my goals."

Another participant had similar results: "I've been consistent with the gym, and overall I have so much energy now," she says after losing 7.7kg and 6cm off her waist. "The results don't lie! So, so happy with my progress, and I will continue with the shakes.

Before and After shots of weight loss
Women who took part in The Collagen Co's #ShakeAndGlowChallenge lost several dress sizes. Photo: Supplied

Each Glow Shake is packed with 29g of hunger-curbing protein to keep you full for longer. This includes 17.5g of Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides that act as an anti-aging ingredient and also help give your skin, hair and nails a serious glow-up.


Each serve of a Glow Shake also contains 5g of Prebiotic Fibre to aid digestion, support gut health, and stabilise blood sugar levels, as well as MCT Oil which is proven to aid appetite control and enhance cognitive function.

The Collagen Co Glow Shake packets and drink
The Glow Shakes are packed with protein to keep you full. Photo: Supplied

The Green tea extract in the formula delivers powerful antioxidants to support a healthy metabolism, aid in weight management and boost brain function.

Each shake also contains 24 vitamins and minerals to keep your energy up, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium and iron. Because each shake contains less than 1g of sugar, there's no crash after you've drunk it, so you can keep going all day.

Choose from chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and iced coffee flavours, all $79 for 14 servings. Just mix the powder with chilled water, and blend well before drinking.

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