Osher Gunsberg drops shock news about The Bachelor after Masked Singer cancellation

Will you... not accept this rose?

Osher Gunsberg
Osher Gunsberg has been hosting The Masked Singer since 2019, and The Bachelor since 2013. Photo: Network 10

Host of The Masked Singer and The Bachelor, Osher Gunsberg, has revealed a little more about the fate of both reality shows in a chat with his Masked Singer co-star Hughesy on 2DAY FM's Hughesy, Ed and Erin show.

Hughesy dropped earlier this morning that The Masked Singer was unlikely to return to our screens in 2024, saying, "As far as I know, The Masked Singer won’t be filmed this year for Channel 10. We’ve had such a great time over those years, it’s been such a fun show to be on, so many great singers have been on. It's a tough one for the production team."

Later on, Osher was dialled in to chat more, saying while it was a fun show to work on, "things come and go".

"This is the gig that I chose," Osher said about the show not returning. "This is the job I chose. I'm still busy building a very large independent podcast empire, I've written my second book, and I'm busy doing things.


"I've been a freelancer for a long time, and anyone in a freelance gig knows this is the nature of it. The industry is moving around, and things are repositioning. You gotta be able to move ahead, move with it, and be nimble. It's a fun show, but like everything, things come and go. The show's not coming back because I did a bad job, I can tell you that."

Hughesy then said the show is "resting' and it "will be back bigger and better than ever."

When asked if The Bachelor was coming back, Osher didn't confirm or deny but left a very telling clue, saying he hadn't cancelled his holiday to Fiji, which is scheduled for when filming usually takes place for the reality series.

The Bachelors 2023.
The Bachelors 2023.


"It's an interesting time in the television industry," Osher said.

Well, it looks like in 2024, we shall not be accepting this rose after all.

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