Kmart workers reveal hack for when to get best discounts

Kmart workers have shared a little-known secret to help shoppers get their hands on the discount store's best bargains.

The hack was revealed after one savvy shopper shared a TikTok of all the best deals she was scoring at her local Kmart store during a shopping trip around 8pm on a Monday night.

Showing off the items discounted, the TikToker revealed flour jars cost just $2 and $4, depending on their size, and a frying pan had its price slashed to just $13.

The TikToker was also amazed when she found drinking glasses for just 20 cents.

A shopping ticket that states Kmart glasses are just 20 cents.
The savvy Kmart shopper picked up a bargain for 20 cents. Source: TikTok

Many Kmart fans flocked to the comments to praise the woman for her finds.

"I need those glasses for 20c!" one wrote.

One Kmart employee wrote in the comments the best time to nab a bargain at the store was on Mondays as that's when the markdowns are done.


A former employee added they believed it was the case for most Kmart stores to price items the same.

"I work at Kmart and I can agree this is true," another added.

One shopper said however the same discounts weren't always across a number of stores.

“It depends store to store for me. One store I go to has them on sale. But another store doesn’t,” they said.

Kmart has been contacted for comment.

Mum saves $165 with simple Kmart item

It comes as a savvy mum shared her little trick to save more than $100 on lighting in her home theatre.

Sharing her ‘brilliant’ hack on a popular Facebook group, Nicola raved about Kmart’s $35 Mirabella Genio dimmable UFO lightbulb.

A dimly lit theatre room.
Nicola managed to replicate a cinema feeling at home without the hefty price tag. Photo: Facebook

“This bulb at $35 is brilliant in the theatre room…colour changing and dimmable, and [you can] use [it] through the app, which is good when you’re sat in the dark and you can’t find the remote,” she began.

“Electrician wanted $200+ to put a dimmer switch in… [if] you want the full cinema experience [try this].”

The Mirabella Genio range is quite large, with customers able to get standard light LED bulbs, strip lighting, and even a galaxy projector.

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