Teen gives birth in toilet not knowing she was pregnant

A teenager had no idea she was pregnant when she went for a check-up for back pain - and gave birth in a hospital toilet.

Dion Seaborne, 18, went to the emergency department after believing she had hurt her back while working at a restaurant. She had seen a doctor at the Royal Gwent Hospital in South Wales but had to wait for more tests, which is when she popped to the loo.

Dion Seaborne and partner Callum Morris
Dion went to hospital after believing she had hurt her back. Photo: WalesNewsService/Australscope

“My back had been sore for about three days and I thought I had hurt it in work, so I went to the hospital to find out what was wrong,” she told local news media.

“Because of Covid-19 restrictions I was there by myself. I'd been seen, had my blood pressure and temperature taken and was waiting to be seen again.”

At 3am she said she “needed to go to the toilet” and after “pushing and pushing” she gave birth to "perfectly healthy" daughter Lilly-May.

“I had to shout for a nurse to come and help me because I couldn't reach the emergency button and at this point Lilly-May was in the toilet,” Dion said.

“They got her out of the toilet and took her off to get cleaned up. And then I was able to hold her and was taken to the maternity ward.”

The new mum admits the entire ordeal was “terrifying”.

“I have never been so scared in my life.”

daughter Lilly-May surprise baby
Daughter Lilly-May was a surprise for her parents.Photo: WalesNewsService/Australscope

Dion rang her partner Callum Morris, who is also 18, to share the exciting news. Callum went straight to the hospital - after waking his own mum at 4am to pass on the news.

“He came down to the hospital to bring me some clothes and things and that's when he met Lilly-May for the first time,” she said.

“His face was a picture. He couldn't stop smiling, saying he loves her and giving her cuddles.”

Dion, who works at Burger King, says she had no pregnancy symptoms and even felt like she lost weight before the birth.

She said: “I was still having my regular periods so it never crossed my mind that I could be pregnant.

"I was feeling normal. I didn't have any food cravings, my feet didn't swell and my clothes even fitted me the same.

"I didn't feel any different. I hadn't put on any weight, in fact everyone was telling me I'd lost some weight.

The young mum celebrated her 18th birthday in August and says it is lucky that she is not a "big drinker."

She carried on lifting heavy boxes at work and even went on fairground rides.

She added: "When I think about it, I was doing everything I shouldn't have been doing if I'd known I was pregnant."

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