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Who needs Brita? The genius LifeStraw water bottle has a built-in filter, and it's on sale

The sensation that is the LifeStraw is like something out of science fiction. In case you haven’t met this modern wonder, the LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle — on sale for $27 — enables you to make just about any type of water drinkable. The straw inside of the 22-ounce BPA-free gizmo contains a microfiltration membrane that removes 99.999999 percent of waterborne bacteria (including E. coli and salmonella), and 99.999 percent of waterborne parasites. The double-layered filters also remove the smallest microplastics found in our water sources. It weighs less than two pounds, so it won’t weigh down your pack.

Over 10,000 shoppers love this handy water bottle that filters out bacteria, microplastics, chlorine, organic chemical matter and sand, dirt, cloudiness and more.
$62 at Amazon

"I really like the fact that you can filter any water on the go, there's no real setup — just pour the water in and drink through the built-in straw," noted a savvy shopper. "You can take that nasty tap water from the sink, if you have bad pipes or the city water is subpar, and then have clean and good tasting water...."

How do you use it? You just remove the cap, dunk the water bottle in a stream, pond or waterfall, place the straw end back into the bottle and sip. The hollow fibers inside the straw trap pathogens, so the only thing that touches your lips is clean, safe, drinkable water. Amazing.

A near-miraculous activated-carbon filter inside turns any water drinkable. (Photo: Amazon)
The bottle comes in Blue, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Teal and Wolf (!). The water that comes out of it? Crystal clear, every time. (Photo: Amazon)

“I got this for backpacking camping trips because sometimes it's difficult to lug water around," wrote one shopper. "I tested at home for the first time to make sure it was really going to work well. I'm happy to say that it did a great job of filtering both pond and creek water, and it couldn't be easier to use. I would recommend it to anyone."

The microbiological filter has staying power. As long as the LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle is used and maintained according to instructions, it will provide 1,000 gallons of clean, safe drinking H2O. And the manufacturer is big on giving back: For every LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle you buy, LifeStraw provides a year of safe drinking water for a child in need.

Potentially a lifesaver, but more often an incredibly helpful and convenient tool when out hiking. (Photo: Amazon)
True, she's dipping the wrong end into the water, but we're confident she learned the error of her ways just moments later. (Photo: Amazon)

It's a big hit with globetrotters too. "I've used this filter for one month now traveling in Eastern Europe by filling up tap water from the hotel/Airbnb faucet and no issues at all," raved one traveler. "I was a bit scared at first, as drinking the water is a no-no, but no issues and the water tastes good because of the carbon filter. A must-have for international travel; no more boiling water to drink."

There are eight colors to choose from, which are all on sale. The choice is yours!

Over 10,000 shoppers love this handy water bottle that filters out bacteria, microplastics, chlorine, organic chemical matter and sand, dirt, cloudiness and more.
$62 at Amazon

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