The lifesaving items you should always pack

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A travel expert has revealed the two items to always pack into your suitcase, that could potentially save your life on holidays.

Next time you’re packing your clothes, toiletries and shoes, make sure to include these on your essentials list as well.

And the best thing is – they are available for just a few bucks.

A travel expert says he always packs duct tape and a door jam. Photo: Getty

Travel expert Lloyd Figgins has said a door wedge and duct tape are her two essential items, making sure he is best prepared for pretty much any situation.

“A door wedge is a great piece of kit, very very cheap or you can make it yourself,” he told Express UK.

“I find a sturdy, wooden door wedge is really good when you’re in your hotel room and there is an incident.”

Lloyd explained that once he was travelling and someone with a master key tried to break into his hotel room while he was in there.

A door jam definitely helps with safety in your hotel room. Photo: Getty

But regardless of whether someone has a master key, a door jam would stop them from being able to enter your room.

“It’s a great idea as it is cheap and simple,” he said.

Another cheap item Lloyd always has on hand is duct tape, which can be used to repair a whole host of things, sometimes even preventing serious injury.

Duct tape can be used to fix almost anything. Photo: Getty

“I’ve repaired mosquito nets, tents, even windows when there has been a breakage in a frame or the glass,” he said. “I’ve been able to seal it up so none one can get their hand in.”

Back in February Aussie pilots also revealed a genius hack, involving another small and cheap item.

This hack may not be something that has crossed your mind before, but it’s a must.

Pilots also claim bulldog clips are a must-pack item. Photo: Getty

Given how important it is for pilots to catch some decent shut eye before a flight, no matter how jet lagged they are or what time zone they’re in, the humble bulldog clip has turned into an absolute essential.

“Pre-flight rest usually entails trying to sleep during the daytime, which can be problematic due to light in the hotel room,” Wayne, a Second Officer with Qantas, told Be.

“To darken the room, I always carry a couple of bulldog clips, which I use to clip the curtains together.”

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