Lidl recalls popular Paw Patrol snacks over inappropriate message

Chase is on the case - but is he after this faux pas? (Paw Patrol Live)
Chase is on the case - but is he after this faux pas? (Paw Patrol Live)

Lidl has urgently recalled a range of popular kiddy treats after an ‘explicit’ error was spotted on the packaging.

Shoppers are being urged to return the Paw Patrol snacks to the store in exchange for a full refund after a URL published on the packaging had been compromised.

The budget supermarket has had to withdraw four types of snacks because the URL on the packaging directed consumers to a site “not suitable for child consumption”.

The packs of Paw Patrol Yummy Bakes and Paw Patrol Mini Biscotti all have a website address directing families to head to the site so parents can have a break while their youngsters engage in some fun with their favourite characters.

But the URL has instead been directing those who gave it a go to an adult website showing explicit sexual acts.

Listing the affected products, Lidl has said they believe the Paw Patrol yummy bake bars raspberry, yummy bake bars apple, all-butter mini biscotti, and the chocolate chip mini biscotti had all been tampered with.

On the recall notice, Lidl wrote: “Lidl GB is recalling the above-mentioned branded product as we have been made aware that the URL of the supplier which is featured on the back of the packaging has been compromised and is being directed to a site that is not suitable for child consumption.”

The recall notice added: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your cooperation.”

One parent told The Sun he was “horrified” after allowing his youngster to tuck into the all butter mini biscotti biscuits.

He said: “I don’t normally look up the websites on food packaging but I have worked in the food industry and it was a company I had never heard of so I thought I would have a look. I was horrified. How could this happen? You would think it has to go through a lot of checks before they put this on the packaging.

“I imagined it has to be some sort of typo but this is beyond the pale. They are biscuits aimed at children, so there are definitely going to be kids that look this website up.

“The worst thing is that not only is this a product for kids, but it actually says ‘kids’ in the URL, which is disgusting given the type of stuff that is on the website.”