Libra: Today's horoscope

Picture: Getty

December 10, 2018

Today the Moon moves through the somewhat wacky sign of Aquarius. Here’s what that does in your horoscope (as we all have Aquarius where in our chart, we have all 12 signs – it’s just how astrology and moonology work!)

As the Moon went through your Domestics Zone over the past few days, you can be forgiven if all you wanted was to stay close to home. But that period is over (for another month) and chances are you didn’t miss out on anything totally earth-shattering, did you? Now as the Moon goes through your Fifth House of Fun, you get to re-find you’re the Fun. Kids, creativity and romance start to take up your emotional energy. What’s more, you can expect to feel a growing desire to EXPRESS YOURSELF. This is good. You most likely have something very well worth listening to, right now.

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