Libra Daily Horoscope – October 10 2019

Mercury retrograde shadow starts tomorrow

If you want to “get stuff done” before Mercury retrograde starts, do it now! The Mercury retrograde shadow starts tomorrow. That means whatever is happening now is like a foretaste of the issues likely to come up for you when we move into Mercury retrograde proper. So pay attention!

Your Daily Forecast

If you could manifest your ideal relationship, what would that look like? If you could improve connection within an existing partnership, what work would be required from you to make that happen? There are so many possibilities within the scope of relationships for you now. Regardless of your current circumstances, achieving your desires starts with believing you can. As the Moon moves into inspired Pisces today, you’re encouraged to imagine a vision for your relationship future. By tapping into your intuition, you’ll get in touch with what is missing and what you can do about that.

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