Libra Daily Horoscope – June 9 2020

Trusting your intuition about a romantic situation is highlighted today as the Moon activates your 5th house of fun, joy and pleasure. What eventuates over the next two days in this area of your life may indicate to you the reality of the situation. It may be wise to see things for exactly what they are rather than the potential or possibility. Choices made now may have longer-term consequences, either positive or negative. It’s up to you to choose your how things will either continue, or end.

We are now in eclipse season!

We are now in eclipse season so all bets are off! Want to make the most of it? It’s a time to make super-powerful wishes and set firm intentions. On June 21 I am holding a New Moon eclipse masterclass! It’s free if you have bought my Moonology Diary 2021 which you can do here: To register your interest, please go to: