Libra Daily Horoscope – June 17 2019

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Crystal lovers…

Remember to put your crystals out tonight to cleanse and charge them by the light of the Full Moon!

What to release under this coming Full Moon ……

◗ Release any issues you have about… Communication, your sibling(s) and/or neighbours. Be extra careful not to allow disagreements to escalate out of control. For some, the Full Moon here will reveal the information that’s needed to solve a long-standing problem or query. Be careful what you write down on paper, in an email, in a text, on social media or anywhere else at this time. Emotions are running high, so don’t hit ‘send’ and then regret it. Problems with siblings and neighbours can come to a head now too. Issues can be resolved with forgiveness. Remember, it’s often less what you say than how you say it.
From my best-selling book Moonology

Are you ready to work with the upcoming Full Moon?

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