Libra Daily Horoscope – June 15 2020

Never mind the past, here comes an eclipse!

Before too long you’re going to get the New Moon eclipse in your 10th House which is the part of your chart which is all about your career, your reputation and the mark you will leave on this world. Yes, it’s heady stuff! So what do you want to achieve in this lifetime? Do you think of yourself as someone with little to no ambition or do you have big plans. Start to formulate ideas about what you want for your professional life in the coming 12 months. Being prepared is half the battle!

How to make the most of where the Sun is now

As you might have noticed, life is crazy because we are now in eclipse season. Venus retrograde is about to end and Mercury retrograde is about to start. And then we will get a New Moon eclipse! I am giving away free tickets to my eclipse special Masterclass to anyone who pre-orders my Moonology Diary 2021. You can register interest here.