Libra Daily Horoscope – July 24 2019

Today’s Waning Quarter Moon makes this an excellent time to release much of the recent accumulated tension. After two big eclipses, and with an introspective Mercury Retrograde still hanging on, today represents is a needed pivot toward cleaning out the energetic cobwebs. It’s a good time to heal hurts and prepare for the New Moon and Mercury station on July 31.

Here’s where the focus is for you now

For you balance-seeking Libras, this is a day where a little sweet talk goes a long way. With Mercury dancing cheek-to-cheek with softhearted Venus today, any recent rough patches can be smoothed over, particularly if they involved authorities in your life. The Quarter Moon in Taurus, a Venus-ruled sign like yours, gives you the advantage today in matters of intimacy and financial investments. A good day to release outworn things and kiss the precious ones in your life.

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