Libra Daily Horoscope – 23 October 2021

·1-min read

Here comes the Sun…

Today the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio. Here’s what that means for you:: Today the sun moves out of your sign and into your second house. Many of you might feel a drop in your energy levels like the spark just isn’t igniting. Not to worry, this is just a time when the sun has moved out of your sign for another year, so you may feel like you’re living in front of the harsh glare of a spotlight. This is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a break and catch your breath. Use this to your advantage and breathe! As this shift takes place over the next four weeks, use this time to think about what you really value in your life. How much do you love yourself, and how can you expand that love? Look at your emotional and material values. Maybe there is something you can let go of to create more space in your life. PS Find me on Facebook and Instagram.

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