Libra Daily Horoscope – 20 December 2021

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The planet of love and abundance, Venus, is now retrograde

Is this a bad thing? No! It means we all get a chance to re-evaluate everything and decide what really matters. Following is info about where Venus is retrograde for you. Read your Rising Sign if you know it – and if you don’t but you wish you did, find it out for free here.
Venus is going backwards in your 4th House of Home and All Things Domestic. This suggests on a very mundane level that now is a marvellous time to do some spring cleaning at the very least, or perhaps some redecorating or even home-renovating! Venus in this part of your chart is all about beauty in your home environment and the reverse cycle is giving you extra time to have a think about how you want to do things. It’s also a very good time to reconnect with family members, especially but not only if there’s been a falling out. Want to make the most of the Venus retrograde? Do this 3-part Venus retrograde free course while it’s still free! Click here to access now.