Liam Hemsworth has a doppleganger and he's a Russian tennis champ

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
What looks like Chris Hemsworth on-court has fans doing a double-take, but is in fact Karen Khachanov of Russia. Photo: Getty Images

The Australian Open is serving up more than just lightning quick rallies this month.

Either Melbourne’s favourite sporting event has added a splash of Hollywood to the lineup, or we have a serious case of celebrity doppelgangers on our hands.

Eagle-eyed internet users have pointed out an uncanny likeness between Russian tennis champ Karen Khachanov and Aussie movie hunk Liam Hemsworth and by golly if they’re not on to a winner.

Liam Hemsworth has shocked fans with his likeness to Karen. Photo: Getty Images
Karen Khachanov on court is a veritable double for Hemsworth. Photo: Getty Images

Karen was booted from the competition by Aussie hopeful Nick Kyrgios on Saturday, but that hasn’t stopped him taking on another Aussie golden boy.

The Russian is giving Liam Hemsworth a run for his money in the looks department, baffling both his own fans and those of Liam with his strange similarity to the Byron Bay-based actor.

A similarity that was first pointed out back in 2018, the Russian’s arrival in his doppleganger’s home country has reignited the firestorm around the pair’s resemblance.

A quick glance at the Russian star’s Twitter profile picture and one could be forgiven for thinking the Hunger Games star has gotten seriously handy with a tennis racket of late and is living a double life.

For the sceptical, I present exhibit A:

Can you pick which one is the tennis great, and which one is the Hollywood hunk? Photo: Twitter/ Getty Images

And exhibit B:

Karen (left) bears a remarkable similarity to Liam (right). Photo: Getty Images

The undeniable similarity has fans everywhere doing a double-take and some (me) unable to tell the pair apart.

Twitter reacts

Twitter is lighting up as people notice the eerie likeness between the two.

Some even prepared their own collages to share with the group.

One person’s granny was all over it, passing on the wisdom to the next generation.

Some (me) are begging the question; have you ever seen Liam Hemsworth and Karen Khachanov in the same room?

I didn’t think so.

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