LeSean McCoy ordered to pay $55K to Philadelphia cop over injuries from nightclub brawl

Jack Baer

LeSean McCoy might have just paid for the most expensive bottle of champagne in his life.

The Buffalo Bills running back was forced to pay $55,000 to a Philadelphia police officer after an arbitrator ruled that he and a friend injured the cop during a 2016 nightclub brawlaccording to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

How LeSean McCoy’s nightclub fight went down

Per the Inquirer, McCoy and college teammate Tamarcus Porter got into an argument with two off-duty officers at Philadelphia’s Recess Lounge at 2:45 a.m. on Feb. 7, 2016. The conflict was reportedly over which group had bought a bottle of champagne.

Things soon got physical, and one officer, Roland Butler, was reportedly “taken to the ground and punched and kicked multiple times,” and suffered a broken nose, broken ribs, a broken thumb, and face lacerations.

McCoy and Porter ended up avoiding charges, drawing the ire of the Philadelphia police union, but civil court was another matter.

McCoy and Porter were reportedly ordered to pay $55,000, which McCoy has complied with and Porter has not. The other police officer, Darnell Jesse, suffered a broken orbital bone but received no compensation because he couldn’t identify his attacker, per ESPN.

Both officers reportedly missed months of work due to the fight, but have since returned to active duty.

"Although the civil process was lengthy, [the officers] felt vindicated in the end. LeSean McCoy and Tamarcus Porter were held accountable," the officers’ attorney told ESPN.

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