Leo Daily Horoscope – November 24 2019

The week ahead looks inspired for anyone who is on the spiritual path, meditates, chants, is looking for love or has a good relationship with abundance.

The New Moon takes place in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign associated with study, travel, adventure, higher consciousness, life philosophies, learning and teaching.

Meanwhile the planets this New Moon week are very benevolent: a Mercury-Neptune link will aid anyone who is a meditator or chanter. If you already have a practice, then make sure you do it!

Meditating and chanting are two of the simplest ways to connect to the Universe and the Divine.

As my teacher Narayani Amma says, ‘To connect with the Divine is the purpose of this life. We do it because it feels good, but also it’s the purpose of being human!’ In more mundane matters, note that a lovely Venus/Uranus link this week augurs well for anyone hoping for a turnaround regarding romance or riches.

If you’re not happy with the status quo when it comes to money or love, talk things through and you could get a very positive result.

In addition, agreements made this New Moon week are likely to stick, thanks to a Mercury-Saturn connection which will also help to set your New Moon intentions in stone.

An Invocation to Bring Luck This is an invocation to the goddess of luck, Fortuna. Pour a glass of wine or juice, light a green candle and say these words:

Goddess Fortuna, blessed be! Bring your luck near to me! Be by my side while I need you most! Goddess Fortuna, to you I make this toast! Drink the drink and declare, ‘I have the Goddess Fortuna on my side!’

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