Leo Daily Horoscope – May 22 2021

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If you’re wondering why the energies are so CRAZY right now, it’s because we’re headed into the belly of two eclipses, a Saturn/Uranus clash and another Mercury retrograde. Live consciously or be careful! Today you’re forecast gives you a heads up about what to expect from the upcoming …

Mercury retrograde ahoy!

It’ll be time to have another think about your friends and social networks, as well as your hopes and dreams when Mercury retrograde begins. Actually, this might already be in your mind, as we are in the shadow period. The upside is that you’re able to acquire new insights into who your friends really are. Are they a good influence? The downside is that some of your friendships will suffer unless you can stay in good humour. Accept that some of your hopes and dreams are changing; do you just need a new approach to make them come true or is it time to reconsider their validity? Paradoxically, the 11th House encompasses the things you do to fit in with your tribe, but also your need to stand out and proclaim your unique individuality. One of the best ways to think of this cycle is to imagine someone hanging upside down – they see the world from another angle. This is what you can do whenever a problem crops up between now and the end of the cycle, whether it’s connected to a person or to something you’re trying to ‘make happen’. Look at any dramas from another angle. Interested in Mercury retrograde? Grab my Mercury Retrograde Book here.

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