Leo Daily Horoscope – June 17 2019

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Crystal lovers…

Remember to put your crystals out tonight to cleanse and charge them by the light of the Full Moon!

What to release under this coming Full Moon ……

◗ Release any issues you have about… Allowing yourself some time off. The past few weeks may well have seen you working very hard, but now you may feel put upon by the need to look after your friends. Turn that around if you can and make this a very sociable time in which the person having the most fun is you. An issue related to a child (your own or someone else’s) can come to a peak now, hopefully for resolution in a way that makes everyone happy. If you have a creative project on the boil, it’s a very good time to complete the latest stage or even finish it off altogether.
From my best-selling book Moonology

Are you ready to work with the upcoming Full Moon?

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