Leo Daily Horoscope – June 11 2020

Mercury will be retrograde in about one week from now.

So what can you expect?
Mercury will be retrograde in the part of your chart connected to your subconscious: the part of your mind that remains hidden and no one else sees. This is where you keep your fears and your spirituality so expect to rethink and reconsider one of these subjects as the cycle unfolds. Actually, this might already be in your mind, as we are in the shadow period. Perhaps an old fear will come back so you can deal with it this time. Or an old secret becomes current again. There could also be confusion regarding something you don’t really want to talk about. Now is the time to do what you can to release past sorrows. Where you know you have a fear that’s holding you back, do all you can to see where that fear comes from and use that information to help you banish it. If you know how to meditate, now is the time to get (back) into it. You’re on the verge of closing an old chapter in your life, so do what you can to tidy your mind. Consider who and what you want to leave in the past. Interested in Mercury retrograde? Grab my Mercury Retrograde Book here.