Leo Daily Horoscope – February 09 2021

Yasmin Boland
·1-min read

As the current lunar cycle comes to a finish, the Moon and Pluto make a powerful connection today. This can be an emotionally intense time with misunderstandings that could leave to long-lasting repercussions. The difficulties will typically stem from people being overly sensitive and reading far more into the situation than the situation actually deserves. Be clear about your intentions both in thought and action and if you have it in your head that you can pull the wool over someone’s eyes, a word of advice: don’t even try it today.
It may seem like a lot of little things are adding up to become bigger problems than they should be. If you can step back and look at things objectively, you will be able to see that perhaps you should slow down and pay more attention to the finer details. The tiniest of mistakes made through rushing can increase exponentially as time goes on. Nip it the bud before it becomes some thing you can no longer control.

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