Leo Daily Horoscope – August 3 2019

Any hiccups or delays around money may begin to show signs of progress as Mercury, your personal money planet begins to pick up the pace. The Moon, now in your 2nd house of money for her monthly visit may prompt you to formulate a financial strategy to reach a financial dream or goal. The key to your success may lie in striking a balance between your intuition and your logic about the best way to move forward. With three planets now in your sign, there is a plenty of cosmic support onside to help you do what’s right for you.
Yasmin Boland is on holidays. Today’s forecast was written by Cassandra Tyndall

Did you make your New Moon wishes?

If not, it’s not too late as we are still in the New Moon phase! Before Yasmin went on holidays, she updated the August New Moon Kit for you here.