Leo Daily Horoscope – 31 December 2021

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T’was the night before 2022…

T’was the night before 2022 and all through the world, everyone was holding their collective breath and hoping to God/dess that the New Year will mark a turning point for the world. Spoiler alert; it will! Your forecast today gives you a taster of the year ahead.
Pressure’s still on
In a nutshell: There’s no escaping some of the intensity relationships of all kinds have brought you. If you’ve been papering over the cracks last year, then 2022 may make or break certain partnerships. In all areas of life, but especially your career and major life plans, an experimental approach will help. If you’re craving freedom, autonomy or more independence, keep an eye out for opportunities in July and August. The tricky part for you is the adjustment required between your restlessness and your responsibilities. While you may be impatient for progress, anything worth having whether that be love, money and fulfilment is worth its time and due diligence.

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