Leo Daily Horoscope – 20 December 2021

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The planet of love and abundance, Venus, is now retrograde

Is this a bad thing? No! It means we all get a chance to re-evaluate everything and decide what really matters. Following is info about where Venus is retrograde for you. Read your Rising Sign if you know it – and if you don’t but you wish you did, find it out for free here.
Venus is retrograding in your 6th House of Daily Work Routines and Health. This is good news for you if you’ve been trying to get on track with your diet and exercise routines, especially if one of the reasons you need to do this is something simply and superficial like you just want to look better! We are all allowed a little vanity! So use this cycle now if you’ve fallen off the bandwagon and haven’t been keeping up with your regimes. Venus here also suggests you can do your health some good with some self-pampering. Massage or facial, anyone? Want to make the most of the Venus retrograde? Do this 3-part Venus retrograde free course while it’s still free! Click here to access now.

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