Leo Daily Horoscope – 18 August 2022

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The stressful connection between Saturn, the planet of tradition and Uranus, the planet of rebellion and innovation has been raging for some time. However, today the Moon in Taurus as well as the Sun in Leo enter the foray which brings a sharp focus onto how we are feeling and how we want to appear to others. The big question today is: do we want change or do we want things to stay the same?
It’s so easy to avoid situations that you know will make you look bad and today is one of those days that could provoke you into losing your cool. As a consequence, you may feel frustrated that you can’t express yourself the way you would like. Leos tend to love a good drama but circumstances today may be too much even for you. Stand back from the action and get a good feel for the root causes of the problem before getting involved.
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