Leo Daily Horoscope – 10 January 2023

So what does 2023 hold for you when it come to love? Read on!
The astrology in May this year will rock your world and your love life. The planet Pluto is moving into your Love Zone from March to June, for the first time in your lifetime. Expect the earth to move, hopefully in a good way. The best you can expect is to out and out discover the magic and power of love. The most challenging will be that your love life feels like it’s being burned to the ground – perhaps all the better to regenerate later. Yes, it’s a lot, but Pluto is like that! A romantic rebirth is possible.
Power dates: February 16 – facing facts will make your love life easier. April 11 – could be your lucky day. October 11 – emotional or physical healing possible.
Ready for a big year? Make sure you have this with you to guide you!

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