Lenny Kravitz reveals how he and Lisa Bonet co-parented ‘without lawyers’

Lenny Kravitz reveals how he and Lisa Bonet co-parented ‘without lawyers’

Lenny Kravitz has opened up about how he and Lisa Bonet were able to successfully co-parent their daughter, Zoë.

The couple was married from 1987 to 1993, welcoming Zoë in 1988. In a cover story with People published on 1 February, the singer-songwriter spoke about the approach he and Bonet took to raising her when they were no longer married.

“I’m very proud of not only how Zoë came out, but how we did it,” he told the magazine. “We did it without lawyers and all that madness. We did it as a family, with love.”

He explained that arranging custody was never a problem because figuring out who Zoë should live with “flowed naturally”.

“She had her years of living with her mom, and then when she was 11, she moved in with me up until she went to college, and it worked out.”

When it came to co-parenting with his ex-wife, Kravitz said, referencing his debut album, “We did it with understanding and being able to handle our own business without getting others involved. That is what “Let Love Rule” is.”

“It’s when you remove ego and all of the other elements and do what you’re supposed to do.”

Although such an amicable relationship wasn’t achieved immediately, Kravitz noted that it “took time, believe me”.

“But we wanted to have that and to this day we still do,” he added.

Now, their 35-year-old daughter is engaged to the Magic Mike star, Channing Tatum. However, Lenny recently revealed that he has no intention of preparing a speech for their wedding.

The “Fly Away” singer says he’ll speak “from the heart” during his speech. “It just comes at the moment. I don’t rehearse those things,” Kravitz told Entertainment Tonight at the Critics Choice Awards on 14 January.

Kravitz, who is currently preparing to release his new album, Blue Electric Light, in March, previously sang Tatum’s praises when asked about his daughter’s relationship in December last year.

“I love him. He’s a great guy,” he told E! News during an appearance at the Critics Choice Association’s Celebration of Cinema and Television: Honouring Black, Latino and AAPI Achievements, in Los Angeles. “He’s a great guy. We’re very close, and we have a great line of communication.

“We hang out like you hang out with your family,” he added. “We’re together whenever we can.”

Lenny also expressed love and admiration for Zoë, remarking: “She’s an amazing human being, and I’m so blessed that that’s the daughter that God gave me. She challenges me, she makes me grow, she inspires me and is my best friend.”

Zoë and Tatum have been together for around two years, after working on her forthcoming directorial debut, Pussy Island.

While they rarely reference their personal relationship, they have been full of praise for one another’s work.

“Chan was my first choice [for the male lead role of a tech billionaire], the one I thought of when I wrote this character,” The Batman star told Deadline in 2021.

“I just knew from Magic Mike and his live shows, I got the sense he’s a true feminist, and I wanted to collaborate with someone who was clearly interested in exploring this subject matter.”