Take Leftover Cinnamon Rolls To New Heights By Grilling Them

close up of fresh cinnamon rolls
close up of fresh cinnamon rolls - Roman Tohtohunov/Getty Images

It's hard to believe you'd ever have leftovers of something as delicious as cinnamon rolls, but on the rare occasion that you do, you'll need to know what to do with them. The last thing on your mind should be throwing them away, and heaven forbid you eat them cold and dry. But when you go to reheat them, try thinking outside the box, or in this case, outside the house.

Take a trip out to your patio and throw your leftover cinnamon rolls on the grill! You'll be able to bring your cinnamon rolls back to life with a new edge that will certainly heat them more evenly than the microwave. You'll also have the chance to get creative with flavors, leading to potential sweet and savory combos when you change up your cooking method. With summer upon us, now is the perfect time to learn new grill hacks, and let grilling your cinnamon rolls be the first.

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Why Grill Your Cinnamon Rolls?

charcoal grill with flames on green lawn
charcoal grill with flames on green lawn - Adene Sanchez/Getty Images

Risking any new method of cooking requires the promise of reward, and grilling your cinnamon rolls is certainly rewarding. Not only does it save you from the uneven heat distribution of a microwave and tedious pre-heating of the oven, but it gives you access to a new smoky flavor. You'll want to clean the grill beforehand to ensure no leftover barbecue sticks to your rolls — or don't, and see what savory flavor arises! Either way, the inherent smoked taste will seep into your reheated cinnamon rolls giving them a new twist.

The grill is also perfect for reheating the icing that tops your cinnamon rolls, allowing it to heat up slowly and further melt into the dough. You can also use new icing as a glaze that will stick nicely on top of your cinnamon rolls as the grill traps the heat and cooks it from above.

Finally, there are just as many practical reasons to grill your cinnamon rolls as there are delicious ones. You save yourself extra dishes to clean by relying solely on the grill grate, and you spare yourself from extra indoor heat during the summer by cooking outside. Not to mention the grill guarantees quick and easy cooking. Truly there are so many ways to elevate your cinnamon rolls.

Taking Your Grilled Cinnamon Rolls To The Next Level

cinnamon rolls on wire baking rack on white table with coffee cup
cinnamon rolls on wire baking rack on white table with coffee cup - Flopaganifoto/Shutterstock

While you can always enjoy your leftover grilled cinnamon rolls the old fashioned way, why not pair this new cooking method with other new ideas? Try unrolling your cinnamon roll ahead of time, grilling it with the squishier side down, then cutting it into little bites. You could even use extra icing, reheated on the grill, to use as a dipping sauce.

Chicken and waffles is a classic dish, but for an extra kick of sweetness, replace your waffles with your leftover grilled cinnamon rolls! Not only can you make this whole meal on the grill where the flavors will meld together under the grill's lid, but you can flatten the cinnamon rolls and use them as buns for your chicken to nestle in.

Last but not least, who says barbecue can't be for breakfast? Try another sweet and savory combo that pays homage to the grill by coating your reheated cinnamon rolls in a basic barbecue sauce. It'll add a tang to your rolls while incorporating more of the grill's smoky flavor into your sweet treat, making it the perfect flavor combo.

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