The least popular baby names for 2018 have been revealed

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If you’re after a unique name for your child that isn’t totally out there like some are these days, then perhaps you should keep in mind the names that no one is choosing anymore.

As it happens some traditional baby names are actually on the verge of becoming extinct after falling out of fashion, according to parenting website Bounty.

But who’s to say you can’t be the one bring them back?

The most unpopular baby names for 2018 have been revealed and include Cecilia for a girl and Jago for a boy. Source: 20th Century Fox

Among the list of top ten most unpopular baby girl names, Cecelia came out as number one followed by Bridie and Bonny. 

One name that also made the list was Kourtney, which comes as a surprise considering it’s the same name as the famous Kardashian sister.

The least popular girls’ baby names of 2018:
  1. Cecelia
  2. Bridie
  3. Bonny
  4. Cecily
  5. Mimi
  6. Aubrie
  7. Mika
  8. Roxanne
  9. Alora 
  10. Kourtney
Perhaps these old names could become the new unique baby names in the classroom. Source: Getty

As for the boys’ names, if you’re after something that won’t be common in the classroom, you might want to consider names like Macauley or Carl as they are set to disappear if not revived.

The name Jago, proved to be the most unpopular among parents as it was ranked number one, however, would you agree with the rest of the list?

The least popular boys’ baby names of 2018:
  1. Jago
  2. Macauley
  3. Leroy
  4. Guy
  5. Fabio
  6. Soren
  7. Arnold
  8. Carl
  9. Ivor
  10. Marcos

There you have it, the most unpopular baby names for 2018.

No doubt some are definitely past their prime, however, surely names like Leroy and Bonny could still hold potential for revival.

Source: Getty

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