Leaked texts 'prove' Ashley Kirk was dating Geoffrey Edelsten

Playboy model Ashley Kirk vehemently denied ever being in a relationship with Geoffrey Edelsten, but leaked texts between the pair prove otherwise!

In the messages - which the 73-year-old medical entrepreneur has confirmed to be authentic to the Daily Mail - the busty blonde says she wants to “make money” from their association.

“I want to make lots of money,” she tells Geoffrey in the texts. “So I never have to be poor again.”

Playboy model Ashley Kirk. Source: Instagram
Playboy model Ashley Kirk. Source: Instagram

But when the 26-year-old finds out she won’t be paid $1 million dollars for an interview with an Australian TV show, she seems to be upset.

“It will much more modest as a 20 minute segment of the show,” he tells her.

“So not a million?” she replied with a crying face emoji. “Well that sucks. Why ruin my name for less, would it be half?”

Ashley also appears to take a dig at the Celebrity Apprentice star’s estranged wife Gabi Grecko.

“I am a great girl, I really am,” she tells him. “Not like ur ex she sounds horrible (sic).”

Gabi and her ex Geoffrey. Source: Getty
Gabi and her ex Geoffrey. Source: Getty

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And if that isn’t proof enough that the pair was romantically involved, later on in their conversation Geoffrey tells Ashley that he loves her, and she says it back.

Geoffrey – who told the website that he did not meet Ashley on the Sugar Daddy website, but rather at a Sofitel - has denied leaking the texts, blaming friends, who he says he “told about them.”

“We have a lot in common and there is sensational chemistry between us,” he told the Herald Sun last month.

“She’s gorgeous, articulate and fun and is attracted to me, I believe, because I’ve a lot to offer. I have seven masters and two doctorates and can help mentor her career.”

Ashley Kirk. Source: Instagram.
Ashley Kirk. Source: Instagram.

However, Ashley poured cold water on his claims, telling the outlet afterwards: “I feel taken advantage of and I definitely feel used.

“I’m not going after a 73-year-old man. He’s been going after me. He’s made me look like a gold digger and I’m completely not.”

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