SPOILER: Leaked text messages hint at The Bachelor winner

Holly Hales
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Leaked texts may have indicated Matt Agnew's winner. Photo: Network 10

While this year’s The Bachelor has inspired many a headline, the show’s winner has so far remained tightly under wraps.

But now, screenshots of a private WhatsApp group reportedly suggest Matt Agnew’s final three have emerged.

And warning, do not read on if you do not want to see potential spoilers.

The last women standing are reported to be Chelsie McLeod, Abbie Chatfield and Helena Sauzier.

Leaked group chat

Shots of messages between the trio were obtained by a Women’s Day paparazzo and appear to discuss a romance between Chelsie and her new ‘man’.

The snaps reportedly show Helena asking her former co-star to “tell me about the mans!! Story start to finish.”

“Waiting for a voice note with tea being spilled like...” a follow-up message from Abbie read.

Women’s Day heavily implies the man in question is Matt, whose affection each of the women are still vying for onscreen.

The publication also explained the messages were uncovered thanks to a pap’s long lens while Chelsie was on a night out.

What’s more is the group chat was reportedly titled 'MA ABSOLUTE BEST’ — potentially a reference to The Bachelor’s initials.

Chelsie for the win?

This isn’t the first time Chelsie’s name has been put forward as the series’ potential winner.

Bookies have long been speculating that the chemical engineer will secure Matt’s heart, and her odds have been sitting at a low $1.30, while the next contender is Abbie at $6.50.

Despite the speculation, Matt’s real love interest may lie outside the mansion altogether.

Chelsie McLeod is the bookies' favourite to have won Matt's heart. Photo: Network 10

Reports began to emerge on Monday, the 31-year-old may still harbour feelings for an ex-girlfriend he met while studying in Sweden.

“He had to come back to Australia and she had her whole life over there,” an insider told New Idea.

“Of course, they talked about the what-ifs – but there was so much stacked against them. Applying for The Bachelor was a distraction, really.”

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